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The Story So far...

During the summer of 1995, plans to re-open a quarry by DP Williams on Rooley Moor, right on the outskirts of Rochdale looked all set to go ahead. He had been given the right to quarry for stone from the disused 'Ding Quarry' by the Lord of the Manor.

News spread fast, the people of Rochdale were not about to allow hundreds of lorries pass through Rochdale and Rooley moor road, with no fight at all. Momentum spread fast, An Action group was formed.

As soon as DP Williams' lorries were spotted, a huge group of local residents blockaded the cattle grid at Lanehead.

Rochdale Police arrested a few protestors, but this was just the start... Through countless meetings, fact finding missions, fund raising activities the backing of Rochdale Council, we were finally able to get Ding quarry declared a 'dormant quarry, this meant DP Williams had to start afresh, and prepare a new planning application for Rochdale Council to get stone from Ding Quarry.

In Nov. 1995, Ding quarry was classified as a ‘dormant’ quarry. Dormant has a special legal meaning in this context; it means that the quarry company has the right to apply for modern working conditions to re-open the quarry.

The application for modern working conditions to reopen Ding quarry is now years old.
When the application was submitted D P Williams the council decided it lacked crucial information. Without this information, the council couldn’t legally give the company the conditions it needed to start quarrying.
The council agreed a timetable with D P Williams for the company to provide the information needed to complete the application properly, but the company didn’t meet that deadline. D P Williams then failed to meet a number of other deadlines, and the so the application remains incomplete, and the council cannot proceed.
This means that the quarry cannot reopen, but it also means that there is a pending application and Rochdale and the moor are ‘hostages to fortune’.

The Ding Quarry Action Group is pressing the council to deal with the application in a way that takes account of all the relevant information and does not expose the people of Rochdale and the vulnerable moorland to the dangers of an unnecessary quarry.
At the same time, the Group wants to make sure the council and taxpayers are not faced with the prospect of legal action or compensation.

The Group has assembled some of the foremost experts in the field to help in the struggle and has also joined with national organisations and other communities in resisting inappropriate quarrying.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Group via the Contact Us tab. We await the outcome, but one thing is sure, we are not afraid to put ourselves once more to the forefront of a campaign to keep DP Williams out of Rochdale, and keep Ding Quarry Closed !!!!!

The purpose of this website is to allow the exchange of information, news and events that will take place regarding Ding Quarry, and also events in and around the Rochdale township.

It also serves to remember the battle we had with DP Williams and the spirit of every person in Rochdale connected with the fight, always remember, "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link".

Let us keep the chain oiled and ready for action !!!

Latest News

Coronation Power Set to install 17 wind turbines on Rooley Moor

Coronation plans to develop a wind farm, comprising of up to 17 turbines, on Rooley Moor, Rochdale,
The scheme will require the approval of Rochdale Council and Rossendale Council and it is Coronation's intention to submit a planning application before Easter 2014.
But this will mean major modifications to road network and the route will be through residential areas.
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Archaeologist concerned about Rooley Moor wind farm

Archaeologist Stuart Mendelsohn is concerned about the plans to build a wind farm on Rooley Moor due to there being prehistoric settlements in the area.
Stuart has visited the sites with a number of archaeological experts including representatives from the British Geological Survey and Natural England.
Visits to the site have found it could be a man made site with others thinking that the stones on do not appear to be random.
Stuart said: “I have tried to get the many archaeological sites in the area of the proposed Rooley Moor wind farm registered in some way. There are a surprising amount of sites on Rooley Moor.”
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